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"Chay Yew: Break the Table and Build a New One: After 9 years at Victory Gardens, the writer/director reflects on what he’s learned from running, and fighting for, a theatre in Chicago." - American Theatre

"We Had to Close ‘Dhaba,’ but Our Story Is Not Ended: The immigrants of Madhuri Shekar’s play, and my own forebears, have a message for us: We survived so you will survive" - American Theatre 

"This Year's Steinberg Playwright Award: 20 Playwrights Rather Than 1: This year the annual award will be given to 20 playwrights in an effort to meet the immediate needs of writers" - American Theatre 

"SDCF Announces Host Venues for Lloyd Richards New Futures Residency Program" BroadwayWorld


"Off Broadway 's Acclaimed 'Cambodian Rock Band' Sets Post Pandemic Tour" - Deadline

"Direct from Chicago: A Town Known for Tight Acting Ensembles And Distinctive Writers May Have Anther Ace In The Hole: Its Directors" - American Theatre

"Singular Voice of Two Collaborators" - SDC Journal

"The Alternate Universe of Lucas Hnath's 'Hillary and Clinton': Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theater scored an election-year win with a play about Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign" - American Theatre

"Chay Yew on Marcus Gardley's 'Black Odyssey' which premieres tonight" - Westword

"A New Language For A New American Theatre" - Denver Post

"'Citizen 13559' Takes Kids to Camp, But Child's Play Isn't on the Agenda" - Washington Post 

"Chay Yew Directs 'Where Did We Sit On The Bus?'" - BroadwayWorld

"An Officer and a Thespian" - Metro Weekly

"Through A Glass, Darkly: Staring into the Mirror of the Matthew Shepard Tragedy" - Seattle Weekly


"Staging A Second Act: How Chay Yew Made A Chicago Icon Feel New Again" -  Chicago Magazine 

"What's New? At Victory Gardens, artistic director Chay Yew keeps an eye peeled for shows you've never seen before" - Playbill

"Marcus Gardley on 'An Issue of Blood' and 'The Gospel of Lovingkindness'" - Howlround

"Hillary Clinton Lost. The Play Won." - New York Times

"Talkback Backtalk: Up for a post-show discussion? Four A.D.s explain why they are — and you just might be too." - American Theatre

"'Disconnect' Sparks Heated Cultural Conversations" - GoPride

"We're Going To Need A Bigger Table:  A new wave of Black playwrights has upended the myth of the singular genius, even as tokenism and constraining expectations persist" - American Theatre

"Victory Gardens to host 'Town Hall #NeverAgainChicago' to end gun violence, April 15" - ChicagolandMusicalTheatre 

"Victory Gardens Presents Free Tour of 'Pipeline'" - Footlights

"'Hillary and Clinton,' initially developed and produced at Victory Gardens, to hit Broadway with Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow" - Chicago Tribune

"In Our House: Breaking Open Marcus Gardley's 'The House That Will Not Stand' through Public Programs and Community Partnerships" - Howlround

"Cast of 'Lettie' visits the real Grace House for formerly incarcerated women on West Side" - Chicago Tribune

"Lack of Diversity Among Chicago Stage Directors, Says Victory Gardens Theater" - WTTW

"How Chicago Artists are Diversifying the City's Stages: From the downtown theater district to neighborhood storefronts, efforts are underway to make Chicago theater less uniformly white, thin, able-bodied, and gender-conforming" - Chicago Reader

"Victory Gardens town hall will address sexual violence , #MuteRKelly" - Chicago Sun Times

"From the Stage to the Streets: Chicago Artists and Activists Respond to "We Must Breathe" - HowlRound

"'Maiden' Is The Reason Why Sandra Oh Left 'Grey's Anatomy" - Chicago Tribune

"Four Fixes for Chicago Theater's Diversity Problem: Here's a call for the local scene to be a better mirror" - Crain's Chicago

"Victory Gardens Hosts Town Hall: Reunite!" - BroadwayWorld

"Victory Gardens Announced 2016-17 Directors Inclusion Initiative: The five assistant directors will work on a production of the Chicago theatre's 2016-17 season" - American Theatre

"Check Out SDC's 10 'Standout Moments' for Diversity and Inclusion in 2018" - Playbill

Program for Victory Gardens Town Hall "Reunite!" - An evening of original poetry, music dance, performance pieces to give more visibility and voice to our city's citizens, residents, immigrants and refugees who are affected by our government's current immigration policies" 

For more press coverage on Victory Gardens


"'A Beautiful Country' Blooms Virtually" - Michigan Daily

"Representation and Relevance: Strollers’ "Question 27, Question 28" revisits a painful chapter of U.S. history" - Isthmus

Small Title

"An Outsider Determined Not To Be Someone He's Not" - New York Times 

"American Dreamer: At La Jolla Playhouse, Chay Yew examines the 'Wonderland' of His Adopted Country" - San Diego Union-Tribune

"Hitting Close To Home: Playwright Chay Yew explores what it means to belong - an acutely personal theme for a member of the immigrant and gay communities" - Los Angeles Times 

"Chay Yew: The Importance of Being Verbal" - American Theatre

"Singapore Slaps Ban On Play About AIDS" (Sunday Morning Post) and other press on the ban

"Crazy For Yew" - Gay and Lesbian Times

"Tongue Untied: A. Magazine's Terry Hong talks to Chay Yew, author of the play A Language of Their Own" - A. Magazine 

"Fusion: David Drake interviews playwright Chay Yew" - Lambda Book Review

"Playwright Chay Yew Revists His Own Distant Shore" - Performance

"Repeating The History: Playwright Chay Yew thought the story of the Japanese internment of World War II needed no more telling. Then Came 9/11" - Los Angeles Times 

"The House of Yew" - TheatreMania

"Curtain Rising for Chay Yew: Trilogy speaks volumes for acclaimed playwright" - Los Angeles Times

"Classics in a New Context: Outside voices are finding mainstream exposure when they put their stamp on works from the canon" - Los Angeles Times 

"A Majority of One: Caught Between Two Worlds , Asian American Playwright Chay Yew Endeavors to Find Universal Themes in His Uncommon Experience" - Los Angeles View

"One Mao Time: When it comes to censorship, Singapore playwright Chay Yew sees Red"  - TimeOut New York

"Having Their Say" - Village Voice

"Bang The Gong Slowly: Asian American Theater's Great Leap Forward" (Interview with David Henry Hwang and Chay Yew) - LA Weekly

"Chay Yew on New Asian American Theater" - Dramatists Guild Quarterly

"Where Do We Go From Here?" - Performances

For more press coverage on individual plays


"Los Angeles Intersections: Interview with David Roman" (Color of Theater)

"Beyond Identity Politics: National and Transnational Dialogues in Anna Deveare Smith's Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 and Chay Yew's A Beautiful Country" (Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism)

"Calculated Cacophonies: The Queer Asian American Family and the Nonmusical Musical in Chay Yew's Wonderland" (Journal of American Drama and Theatre)

"Theoretical Analysis of A Beautiful Country" 

"The Malleability of Truth and Language in Chay Yew's Porcelain and A Language of Their Own" (Journal of Contemporary Drama in English )


For press coverage on individual publications


"Chay Yew: Masters of the Stage, Regional Originals with M. Graham Smith" - Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation

"Diverse Narratives Flourish at the House of Chay Yew" - The Clyde Fitch Report

"Off Script with Chay Yew and the King: This week’s guest is Chay Yew, the artistic director of Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago who previews next season at the theatre (it includes Hillary Clinton) and what he thinks of ‘The King and I’ on Broadway" - American Theatre

"The Big Table: Victory Gardens artistic director Chay Yew: 'Chicago Theater is another neighborhood'" - WGN 


"Chay Yew on The Normal Heart

"Chay Yew on Victory Gardens Theater"

"Victory Gardens: Your World On Stage"

"Cambodian Rock Band Meet and Greet with Director Chay Yew" - Signature Theatre

"Cambodian Rock Band Show Intro" - Oregon Shakespeare Festival 

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For videos on Victory Gardens Theater

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